Elevate Your Team: Crafting Meaningful LinkedIn Recommendations

Writing LinkedIn recommendations might seem daunting, but it’s a powerful way to celebrate our co-workers and those who excel. This article shares a simple, effective framework for crafting impactful recommendations. Let’s change the narrative and recognize the great people we work with.

Elevate Your Team: Crafting Meaningful LinkedIn Recommendations

In our current age of work, it often feels like everyone has been left to themselves. With remote work becoming the norm and managers less skilled in providing career support, we find ourselves navigating a series of jobs that don’t always feel like career growth. Amidst this, it’s time to figure out how we can constructively support the people who make a difference in our work lives. 

So let's change the narrative. Writing a recommendation for someone on LinkedIn might feel crazy, uncomfortable, or even off-putting; but it can empower us to support each other and highlight our best work. I'll share my process, and if it resonates, may it inspire you to write one, two, or even three recommendations for those you've had the fortunate opportunity to work with.

Answer the Why and Follow with the How

A good recommendation should answer why a person is great. From the writer’s perspective, it allows us to celebrate the difference-makers in our work lives. It’s an opportunity to share what our colleagues bring to their work, highlighting their professionalism, skill, leadership, and initiative. By noting how they excelled, you (the writer) can emphasize their adaptability, problem-solving skills, work ethic, and personality. Think of it as an awards introduction.

With that in mind, here’s the framework broken out into its four parts.

  1. Introduction: Personal Connection & Context
    - Who? Start with the name and a brief description of your relationship.
    - Where? Mention the organization where you worked together.
    - What? Briefly describe the project or context in which you collaborated.
  2. Professional Praise: Skills and Contributions
    - Skills Highlight: Point out key professional skills or qualities the person has, using specific examples.
    - Impact: Discuss the direct impact of their work on projects or the organization, mentioning specific outcomes.
  3. Personal Qualities: Work Style and Interactions
    - Personality Traits: Reflect on personal traits that made working with them enjoyable or effective.
    - Team Dynamics: Describe how they interact with the team or contribute to team culture.
  4. Endorsement: Recommendation for Future Opportunities
    - Role Suitability: Suggest types of roles or projects they are well-suited for, based on your experience with them.
    - Closing Endorsement: Conclude with a strong, personal endorsement. If appropriate, express your willingness to collaborate again in the future.

Using this framework makes it easier to write a recommendation that is personal, contextual, and celebratory. It should include honest praise for skills and contributions, reflecting on the individual's work style, and project future opportunities they can champion. Of course, each recommendation should have a personal touch and speak authentically in yours (the writer’s) voice.

Example Based on the Framework:

"I am delighted to recommend [Name], with whom I collaborated closely at [Organization] on [Project name]. [Name] played a pivotal role in [brief project description]. As [role], [Name]'s expertise in [specific skills] was instrumental in [specific outcomes]. Their ability to [specific actions] greatly contributed to the success of our project. Beyond their professional skills, [Name]’s [personality traits] makes them a pleasure to work with. Their [specific quality] fostered a [positive team dynamic]. I highly recommend [Name] for any [type of role] role. Their [specific skills or qualities] will undoubtedly be an asset to any team. I look forward to the opportunity to work with [Name] again in the future."

And that’s it. Using this framework ensures your LinkedIn recommendations are not only honest and heartfelt, but also structured to clearly communicate the value of your colleague to potential employers or collaborators. This approach helps maintain focus, making each recommendation impactful and professional.

Now over to you… write a recommendation for a coworker, contractor, or business partner. If we’ve worked together and you’re feeling inspired, I would welcome your recommendations. And if you’re looking for a UX consultant for your project, I’m available for remote or hybrid work in Downtown Vancouver within the Summer/Autumn 2024 timeframe.